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UFO - Extraterrestrials Live Among Us


Why should man be the only form of life in the Universe, when we know that it is made up of thousands of galaxies, each of which includes thousands of stars, each in turn potentially being the "sun" of hundreds of planet? UFO sightings are not new. There could even be some in old paintings of several centuries ...

The first flying saucers

Ufology, the science behind UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects, was officially created in 1947. On June 24 that year, the American Kenneth Arnold flew over Mount Rainier, near Washington. He notices and reports, worried, nine metallic flying objects that fly in front of him in a V formation (a bit like ducks) and look like overturned saucers. In the future, this type of UFO will be called Flying Saucers. This marks the beginning of a time when many reports, whether true or false, follow one another, as well as alerts and suppositions. In 1947 alone, there were no fewer than eight hundred and fifty. UFOs, as they are known from 1951, are now part of people's lives. The interest and mystery that the media create around the subject constantly fuel controversies, to the point of creating true associations of enthusiasts, ufologists. But there is more. Some people say that they had physical or mediumistic contact with extraterrestrials; these men and women will be called the "contacted".


A wave of reports

From 1947, reports and alerts increased and reached their peak between 1967 and 1974. Also in 1947, in New Zealand, a large number of flying objects were reported, particularly in the Cook Strait region. On the wave of the subject's popularity, an Australian journalist and television operator, Fogarth and Crochett, take off aboard a small tourist plane, heading for New Zealand. Suddenly, the Wellington control tower warns the crew "that an object is flying by their side". The pilot, seeing nothing close to him, turns off the dashboard lights and finally manages to understand the message: five luminous objects of variable size move under his plane. If the facts are immediately filmed, the video, despite its quality, will provide no certainty as to the nature of these lights. Since then, reports of UFOs are innumerable. In France, in 1981, a farmer working in his field sees what he will describe as a spaceship coming down from the sky: it is dark gray and looks like two saucers reversed and superimposed. The experts of the GEPAN - an independent section of the French National Space Agency, then renamed SEPRA - find that the field has small amounts of phosphates and zinc and that, around, everything burned as if exposed to strong heat, 300 to 600 degrees centigrade. They also notice a drop in chlorophyll production in the surrounding plants. They conclude that it is very likely that the peasant has said true.

UFOs in Italy

Italy, like many other countries, has a large number of reports, especially between 1954 and 1979. Some testimonies come from reliable sources such as the Corps of Carabinieri, the National Police, but also military and civilian pilots, as well as meteorological services. Recall the Pesaro episode in the night of December 30 to 31, 1979: the soldiers of both barracks see a luminous object in the sky, beyond the enclosure of the military field. According to their story, the object comes and goes several times in the air, then disappears at high speed. The next day, the terrain overflown by the alleged UFO seems to have changed, it is more compact and sloping. However, after a first broadcast of the news by the media, the military high command formally denies these statements, explaining this by a kind of collective hallucination. The same year, at San Angelo de Treviso, a military air marshal who returns from a training flight receives a strange order from his base. He is asked to intercept a UFO that is exactly vertical to the airport: "It is cylindrical, all black, measuring about 8 meters and is surmounted by a kind of white dome." The pilot takes eighty four photographic shots flying around the immobile object, before it disappears after rejecting a kind of blue liquid. The military aeronautics will declare that it was a simple balloon. It is strange, however, that he was able to hold himself still in the air while the plane was circling him ...

Be that as it may, it is not the only case where one invokes the "mistake" between one object and another. In general, in UFO reports, extraterrestrial proponents speak of disc-shaped or cigar-shaped vehicles that are white or metallic gray, sometimes bright or emitting intermittent light. The most skeptical, on the other hand, think of sounding balloons or badly interpreted atmospheric phenomena, if not extremely sophisticated weapons of foreign powers. Moreover, in a large number of cases, one also evokes phenomena of autosuggestion, even of hallucination, sometimes collective. To officially confirm the existence of extraterrestrials, the authorities require "meetings of the third type", evidence to support. Some say there have been some ...


The "contacted"

Over the decades, the universe of ufologists has been enriched by testimonies of characters more or less reliable. To the passionate and the specialized journalists, were added the so-called "contacted", that is to say those people who claim to have had a physical contact, telepathic or mediumistic with beings coming from an other planet. Among the most famous are the American George Adamski and the Mexican Carlos Diaz.

George Adamski is the first witness. He claims to have boarded an extraterrestrial spacecraft and encountered beings from Venus, Mars and Saturn. According to his statements, they had an intelligence superior to ours, certain telepathic qualities and a perfect knowledge of the English language. In the book he wrote in 1955, On board a flying saucer, he claims that he was taken aboard two large, cylindrical-shaped ships in orbit around the Earth, and that there he learned that men are descended from extraterrestrials. During his many contacts with UFOs, Adamski would have received from them the constant invitation to humanity, peace and the universal good. A decidedly positive vision, compared to the stories of kidnappings and surgical operations on board the spacecraft that have been recounted by other witnesses.

We are not alone in the Universe

As for the Mexican professional photographer Carlos Diaz, he maintains that he has been in contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms for more than twenty years. Scientists and other officials of the US government have looked several times on his photos, without ever spotting any faking. Moreover, it seems that he organizes meetings with extraterrestrials in front of witnesses. He argues that we are not alone in the Universe, other forms of life only waiting for the right moment to manifest.

The many faces of extraterrestrials

Ufologists maintain that our planet has been visited many times by extraterrestrial races very different from each other. The "gray" would be creatures with long arms, having four fingers per hand. Their elongated head would have a small mouth, two tiny holes instead of the nose and two huge oval-shaped eyes. They would come from a distant star system to remove human beings for study and then to create a new race to introduce on our planet. On the other hand, the so-called "Nordic-Humans", who are very similar to us, would come from Sirius, Orien and Alpha Centaurus, and their mission would be to improve the human race. There would also be "beings of light", composed of pure energy, described as angels by those who claim to have seen them. They would come from distant star systems to teach men universal love. Finally, there is talk of "inhuman" UFOs described as monsters close to insects or reptiles: these are the favorite of Hollywood directors.

Project Blue Book

Beginning in the 1950s, the US government began several projects to better understand the UFO phenomenon and thwart any possible attack. The most famous of them is the so-called "Blue book". Some say that the real results have never been disclosed and ufologists go so far as to accuse the authorities of a kind of "conjuration of silence". Some even say that, as early as 1933, there would have been an agreement between the United States government and the extraterrestrials. This agreement would provide for the use of certain US military bases.