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Eldorado - The Fabulous Land Of Gold


The terrible and famous Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés described in 1520 to the rulers of Spain the treasure of Montezuma: fabulous quantities of gold objects and jewels, entire cities covered with this precious metal. Cortés makes a description so extraordinary that, very quickly, the news spreads that the New World is full of riches. The story, among other anecdotes, of the ceremony where the king of Montezuma is wrapped in a fine golden dust to seal his union with the Sun God, helps to create the legend of the El Dorado, "the golden man" in his literal translation.

The race for gold

Very quickly, many expeditions leave in search of these mythical cities where the streets, the temples and the palaces are entirely covered with gold.

Over the centuries, the greed of Europeans will make them responsible for the massacre of thousands of natives, tortured and murdered because they refused to reveal the location of these cities, of course imaginary. However, many Europeans will also lose their lives in these wild and unexplored forests. Despite the failures, the expeditions followed one another almost continuously from 1529, the last took place in 1927.

From Mexico, Eldorado's research is progressing southward, among other things because, quite often, the leaders of these tribes taken hostage by the conquistadors invent any legend about these gold cities hoping to get rid of the invaders.

Cortés is not the only one to evoke the immense wealth of the peoples of the New World. From 1521, the Spanish navigator Vasco Nunez of Balboa leaves from Panama at the head of an expedition heading south, along the Pacific coast, in search of the origins of mysterious gold objects found in indigenous populations.

Eldorado found again

According to a document recently found in Rome by an Italian anthropologist, the city of Eldorado would have really existed, because the Jesuits would have discovered it at the end of the sixteenth century. A letter from Father Andrea Lopez - then responsible for the region corresponding to present Peru - to the Father General of the Society of Jesus would testify to its existence. For the anecdote, Father Lopez asked permission - of course granted - to evangelize the inhabitants. The Pope and the Society of Jesus would have kept the secret of the location of the city, to avoid the foreseeable and probably bloodthirsty gold race that would have followed.

A providential discretion if we consider that the Eldorado's research continues today, sometimes with the help of mercenaries who are ready to do anything to find this coveted treasure. Yet so far, despite countless expeditions, sometimes equipped with instruments as sophisticated as radar and satellites, we have not found any trace of the Eldorado. Probably because, presumably, it is not a single city, but several small treasures scattered throughout the territory.

A tourist attraction

Today, to visit the El Dorado, just go to Bolivia. This is of course a simple tourist attraction! Indeed, if the price of these tours is quite affordable, after three hours of travel, the only spectacle that is offered to the visitor is that of Lake Guatavita. In this artificial lake, the equally artificial ruins of a sunken village evoke legend. Guatavita was the site of the Eldorado ceremony, during which the body of the village chief was coated with a mixture of resin and fine gold dust. The ritual ended with the immersion of the "golden man" in the waters of the lake, while the inhabitants cast into the water objects, often in gold, by way of ex-voto.