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Mars - Are We Alone ?

Mars Planet

Of the planets in the solar system, Mars is probably the closest to the Earth. A Martian day is only slightly longer than ours and Mars is also changing with the seasons, its axis being slightly inclined like that of our planet. On the other hand, it is distinguished by its size and the composition of its atmosphere. The Red Planet - so called because of the high concentration of rust on its surface - measures half of the Earth and its atmosphere, unbreathable for us, is 100 times less dense and mostly composed of carbon dioxide. In addition, its average temperature is about -63 degrees Celsius, a temperature close to that of Antarctica.

The first men who will land on Mars will have to face a very singular situation, among other things because of violent storms which are suddenly unleashed by huge uplifting clouds of dust. These cyclones spread at such a speed that they sometimes envelop the entire planet.

What if we were not alone?

The idea that Mars can host a form of intelligent life has fascinated man forever. As early as 1877, the astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli thinks he recognize artificial irrigation canals in certain details of the Martian soil. His hypothesis is denied in 1976 when the first automated probes are sent to the planet. The results of the studies carried out on the atmosphere and on the rock samples reported prove, in fact, that life on Mars is impossible.

However, twenty-five years later, NASA launches its program Mars Odissey 2001 which provides for the setting into orbit of an automated station equipped with an antenna to probe and dig the ground up to 1 meter deep. The information transmitted shows the presence of hydrogen, which suggests that of water. In 2003, the Mars Express probe, launched by the European Space Agency, confirms this hypothesis. This one, indeed, can dig up to a depth of 2 000 meters and reveals the presence of large quantities of ice (and therefore of water), in correspondence of the south pole of Mars. Therefore, if despite these quantities of water the planet remains inhospitable for mankind, it is not perhaps the case for other forms of life ...

Also in 2003, the Mars Express probe records the presence of methane gas and formaldehyde in the atmosphere of Mars. What does that mean ? With regard to the presence of methane gas, several hypotheses are possible. This could be the result of a comet which would’ve fallen on the planet, that of a strong geological activity in the subsoil or even the fruit of a particular form of life: that of methanogenic bacteria.

Formaldehyde from the oxidation of methane in the atmosphere is a substance that dissolves in just a few hours. This goes against the hypothesis of the comet because, in this case, formaldehyde would have dispersed for a long time. The geological cause is also excluded, because of the importance of the quantities found.

There remains the bacteriological hypothesis. As a reinforcement of this theory, there is the fact that methane is present in more massive quantities in the regions that could once have been occupied by large water basins. Water that, if it were still present in liquid state in the subsoil of the planet, would be a sufficient habitat to allow the life of certain microorganisms.

New data transmitted in 2004 by the US probe Opportunity reveals that there was once salt water on Mars. A sea, perhaps, although NASA thinks that the water covered the ground to a depth of just 5 centimeters. It may be, however, that the probe has only explored the beach of this salt sea ... Anyway, the first step in this direction will be to search for fossils, that is to say proofs of life.

The surface of the Red Planet

Mars and the Earth are very close. The Red Planet - which in Antiquity was associated with the god of War - is blessed with two whitish polar caps that thicken in winter and diminish in summer. If, currently, Mars is going through an ice age, in the past it seems to have experienced much milder temperatures. The surface of the planet is riddled with craters - the largest with a diameter of 1,800 kilometers - mostly located in the southern hemisphere. Near the Equator, there are huge valleys, whose overall length are around 5,000 kilometers forming a kind of huge rift that divides the planet in two. Mars also has many volcanoes, extinct today, including the famous Mount Olympus with a diameter of 500 kilometers and 25 kilometers of height.

Simple light tricks?

On the basis of some twenty-seven thousand images transmitted by different probes, it would be much more than that, according to some experts. On the surface of Mars would be the remains of monumental structures that can not be the work of nature. Masonry and engineering works, urban complexes, but also kinds of ducts that go into the ground to go where we do not know.

In short, the Red Planet would have hosted a great civilization, probably destroyed by a cataclysm of cosmic origin. An enormous celestial body probably, which crashing on the planet would have forever changed the appearance and atmosphere, making it arid and inhospitable. The surface of Mars is characterized by a large indentation which corresponds, on the antipodes, an elevation of the ground of the same magnitude, as if something had hit the planet by literally moving its mass, which would have caused this "depression" of a side and this "relief" of the other.

The "Martian Sphinx"

These hypotheses would be confirmed by the photos taken on Mars in the Cydonie region. These images show what looks like a gigantic face in a complex characterized by right-angled walls and pyramids.

As the world's press spread the news, NASA hastened to exclude the artificial origin of these structures, arguing that it was a fortuitous trick of shadows provoked by the glowing light of the Sun and by missing pixels in the image, which, coincidentally, correspond to the "nostril" ... Subsequently, Nasa released new photos of the region taken in different light conditions, the "face" was gone.

However, controversies still continue today, among other things because the images released later were delayed with suspicion. In other words, NASA would have had plenty of time to retouch the images to hide the truth.

On the other hand, the most fervent supporters of the existence of a Martian civilization also base their theories on certain Sumerian and Egyptian myths evoking the visit of "angels" and deities from heaven who would have brought knowledge to the Earth. In short, Mars was once inhabited and its inhabitants would have arrived on Earth after the destruction of their planet.

The riddles of Mars are still numerous. We only have to wait a few decades to know if our arrival on the Red Planet will be a "conquest" or a "return".

UFO around Mars

Phobos 2 was a Soviet probe charged with photographing the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos. On March 27, 1989, it suddenly interrupted its transmissions just as it was about to probe Phobos. According to Tass, the latest images sent showed an unidentified elongated object that looked like a missile and approached the probe. Then nothing. Presumably, it was a small asteroid that accidentally hit the basket, destroying it. However, according to some, the photos taken from the soil of Phobos showed an obelisk and a pyramid, in addition to an ovoid shadow about 30 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide. According to a large number of extraterrestrial specialists, the appearance of extraterrestrial spacecraft would be frequent around Mars, but kept secret by official bodies.