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The Sirius Mystery

Dogons in Contact With Aliens ?

Sirius star

Dogon people

The Dogons are a people from central Mali and northern Burkina Faso. These simple cultivators also raise cattle and are renowned for their blacksmithing art. Now the Dogons have knowledge of Sirius, one of the brightest stars in the sky, while modern astronomers have none of this information. Ufologists are examining the mysterious question of whether the Dogons have been visited by intelligent entities from Sirius, star of the constellation Canis Major.

The Sirius Mystery

The Sirius Mystery by Robert K. G. Temple

“There seems to be a great deal of evidence as to the possibility of such contact (creatures from Sirius) relatively little between 7,000 and 10,000 years ago; the documentation which leads us to this supposition leaves in any case no other possible interpretation. ” These words are those of Englishman Robert K. G. Temple, taken from his book The Sirius Mystery, published in 1976.

According to Temple, a number of indications seem to prove that Dogons knowledge dates back more than 5,000 years; the ancient Egyptians already had it and would have passed it on to the Dogons, their direct descendants.


Dogon creation story

The Dogons and The Sirius Mystery

The starting point of Dogon mythology is the star Digitaria, which would be a satellite of Sirius. According to this myth, Digitaria is the creative movement that has become matter. It would be the smallest but the densest of all the stars and would contain the germ of all things. Its rotation around its own axis and around Sirius would guarantee the sustainability of the creative forces in the Universe. It would therefore not be Sirius, the star located 8.6 light years from Earth, but its satellite. Both constitute a double star system. The mysterious aspect of the Dogon tradition lies in the fact that they knew of the existence of this satellite, which is not visible to the naked eye and which was not seen until the 20th century, via a telescope. Today, scientists distinguish between Sirius A and Sirius B. According to Dogon legend, living things, the Nommo, came from this star system, which according to our current knowledge has nine stars. These would be fish-like entities that came to Earth in an arch and descended in the form of a spiral. A number of masks produced by the Dogons symbolize, by geometric patterns in the form of an obelisk, spaceships propelled by rockets.


White dwarfs

Sirius A and B

Sirius A is almost twice as big as the Sun, and the temperature on its surface twice as high, so that its brightness is 24 times higher. Sirius B is a little smaller than Earth, but has a density such that 1 cubic meter of its material weighs 3 million tons. Because of its extreme temperatures and its small size, it falls into the category of white dwarfs, relatively small stars which have reached the end of their life and whose density is increasing. Is the knowledge of the Dogons important enough to assume that artificial intelligences visited them millennia ago? The main question, and still unresolved, remains to determine how humans, devoid of astronomical instruments, have been able to gain advanced knowledge of celestial bodies invisible to the naked eye. The Dogons are undoubtedly intelligent, but, for Walter Hain, the question is to know if one can deduce from it a contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Sirius mythology

Sirius was of particular importance from ancient Egypt. At that time, it was worshiped under the name of Sopdet (Sothis in Greek) and many temples were designed so that its light falls on the altar. Sirius occupied a prominent place both in religious life and in daily life, and the calendar was calculated according to it. In the Middle Ages, Sirius was considered to be the harbinger of rabies. Thus, the medieval representations of the pilgrims of Saint-Jacques show them followed by a dog, referring to the constellation of the dog of Sirius. The ancient pilgrims of Saint-Jacques used Sirius during their trip. The path was therefore also called “path of the star”. At the end of the 1990s, members of the Order of the Solar Temple committed collective suicide, thinking of being reborn on Sirius.