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Esoteric Hitlerism: The Castle of Wewelsburg And The Holy Lance

Occultism in Nazism

Lance of Longinus

With this lance, the Roman centurion Gaius Cassius Longinus (known as Longinus) pierced the ribs of the crucified Jesus. It is one of the most sacred relics of Christianity, the second, in order of importance, after the Grail. For centuries, it has been coveted by rulers and powerful all over the world. In turn, it belonged to the emperors Constantine, Theodosius and Justinian, to the kings Alaric and Theodoric, to the kings of France Charles Martel and Charlemagne, then to Frederick Barbarossa and to Napoleon Bonaparte.


A sacred spear

The Lance of Longinus, often called the Holy Lance, has been in the Treasury Room of the Hofburg Palace in Vienna since 1912, along with other precious objects from the Holy Roman Empire of the Habsburgs. There was an unfortunate interruption towards the end of the Second World War, when the madness of men like Hitler brought it back to the fore.

Indeed, the dramatic events which bloodied Europe at that time have a much less known esoteric side. In addition to the desire for revenge on the defeat suffered during the First World War and their exacerbated nationalism and anti-semitism, Hitler and the Nazis share a common passion for esotericism which they consider as the surest way to make the Aryan race triumph.

Esoteric hitlerism

It all starts with the Thule Society, a secret association with a strong esoteric character whose members are convinced that they belong to a superior race dedicated to presiding over the destiny of the world. With this in mind, the Far North is seen as an ideal homeland. It was within the Thule Society that the German Workers' Party was born in January 1919, which became the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), of which Hitler took the lead. This marks the start of one of the saddest pages in our history. Beside Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, future leader of the Reichsführer-SS, is passionate about occultism and esotericism. According to him, the magic, astrology and religiosity of the Germans of yesteryear mingled with principles of Indian philosophy and practices of natural medicine and hygienic food, taking the evil sides of each.

The castle of Wewelsburg in Westphalia, in the north of Germany, thus becomes the theater of the most disastrous practices.

A spear-shaped castle

Wewelsburg Castle - Esoteric Center of Nazis

As the permanent seat of the führer's guards, Wewelsburg castle is expressly chosen for its arrowhead shape, with an explicit reference to the force of the Lance of Longinus. In addition, Wewelsburg castle is oriented to the north, a landmark of Thule Society and of ancient Germanic pagan religiosity. For Hitler, it is the ideal place to unleash these occult forces which, according to him, together with his military power, will make his Nazi madness project triumph.


In some rooms of the Wewelsburg castle, rites are practiced in order to exercise control of the will from a distance and to unleash evil energies, in a scenario worthy of the most nightmarish of science fiction films. Unfortunately, in this case, there were actually millions of deaths across Europe.

Esoteric nazism temple, Wewelsburg Castle also became the seat of the Ahnenerbe, an academy wanted by Himmler in order to find an archaeological, historical and scientific justification for the Aryan descendants of the German people. Thus, guided by Otto Ranh, Nazi researchers went to Tibet and Latin America in search of the entrance to the underground kingdom of Agartha, refuge of the last Aryans. They also travel all over Europe, Egypt, Africa and Antarctica, in the footsteps of Christian relics. The Nazis are convinced that what has been in contact with Jesus and with his blood can confer immense powers on them; this is why they seek the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and the Lance of Longinus.

The Spear of Destiny as a sign of the end

In March 1938, Hitler, Austrian by birth, annexed Austria to Germany and could finally take possession of the Holy Lance, kept in Vienna, to bring it to Nuremberg. He ordered the SS to do it, with the order to keep it in custody. Esoteric hitlerism most coveted relic will be recovered by the men of the American Intelligence in the afternoon of April 30, 1945. One hour and twenty minutes later, Hitler commits suicide. Near the bunker where he had taken refuge, at the very moment of his death, the Russian soldiers marching on Berlin come across a battalion of Tibetans in Nazi uniforms: they all committed suicide according to a specific ritual. The Holy Lance, which was to lead the Nazis to triumph, on the contrary sounded the death knell for the evil empire.