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Necronomicon - The Book Of Laws Of The Dead


The author of the Necronomicon is probably an eighth-century Arab poet named Abdul al-Hazred. The original title was "Al Azif", which literally means "the sound of the voice of the demons". The author, who was not a Muslim, worshiped the pagan deities of Yog Sototh and Cthulhu. Later, a Byzantine secret translation was entitled Necronomicon, which in Greek means "the book of the laws of the dead". The book evokes terrifying archaic beings who populate a world where there is no place for men, and announces that the day the stars will be in a certain configuration again, these monsters will take back possession of the planet. According to legend, Abdul al-Hazred was devoured in broad daylight by an invisible monster, in front of witnesses kneaded with terror.


A disturbing book

The Necronomicon came to us thanks to the American writer Howard Philliphs Lovecraft, author of fantastic and horror novels whose characters are precisely the evil beings evoked by the text of Abdul al-Hazred. Published since 1922, Lovecraft's books have always met a wide audience and inspired many authors.

Lovecraft was a strange character. A convinced rationalist, he affirmed - like Abdul al-Hazred - that the Necronomicon was the pure fruit of his imagination. At the same time, he showed a great sensitivity, looked puny and said he had not invented anything. According to his own statements, it was while sleeping that he received inspiration for his novels. Some scholars have speculated that during his sleep, Lovecraft's mind was able to access earlier stages of existence. Thus, through him, creatures from another world revealed themselves to us, as the demons had revealed themselves to Abdul al-Hazred.

The universe of Lovecraft

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1890, some scholars claim that Lovecraft was truly inspired by mysterious ancient texts. One of these books would be Solomon's Key, one of the best known and most feared in the field of ritual magic. Another work, the Picatrix, is an Arabic occultist text of the twelfth century. However, in 1975, it was discovered that Lovecraft's father was part of a mysterious Masonic lodge that practiced the Egyptian rite, based on magic formulas. What is true about all this? No one has discovered it yet ...


The original text

Although Lovecraft has always claimed to have written a "meta book" - and more specifically a book about a book that never existed, although cited by many texts - some of these admirers have sought out the original text. In the 1960s, for example, there was talk of the discovery of an "authentic" Necronomicon in the secret departments of the University of California and the Vatican Library. Since then, reports have followed one another. Some have gone so far as to say that there are copies written in blood and bound by human skin.

Lovecraft died in 1937 as a result of an incurable disease, taking the secret of the sources of his work to the grave, persuaded to be a failed writer. Whatever the truth, be it the fruit of his imagination, whether he was able to consult ancient Masonic texts or even that the demons have really breathed inspiration in his sleep, his books still know today a huge success.