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Notre Dame de Paris - The Fury of Building

Notre Dame de Paris

It is in Paris that stands the queen of Gothic cathedrals, Notre-Dame de Paris. Notre-Dame is the center of Paris. It is here, on the esplanade of the cathedral, that is kilometer zero, point of reference which makes it possible to measure the distances between Paris and the other French cities, for example, on the highway. It is also here that Napoleon Bonaparte, on December 2, 1804, in the presence of Pius VII, made himself emperor of the French and made his wife, Josephine, an empress.


The fury of building

Many churches and cathedrals bear in France the name of Notre-Dame, because that is what we call the Virgin. The construction of Notre-Dame de Paris began in 1163, at the initiative of Bishop Maurice de Sully, only to be completed in 1345. During the 182 years that the work lasted, several Gothic styles - borrowed for the most of the other great cathedrals of France - came to enrich the architecture of Notre-Dame.

From prehistoric times, the place was a source of special energy and a place of worship. Before our era, the Gallo-Romans built there a temple, which succeeded, in the first times of Christendom, a basilica, then a Romanesque church. When the bishop of Sully began the construction of Notre-Dame de Paris, he had first destroyed the existing basilica, which testifies to the fury of building that had then seized France. Thus expressed the desire to see the advent of a new architecture, light and airy, opposed to the heaviness of the Romanesque style: the desire for a new transcendence, brought back to Europe by the Knights Templar.

The mystery of Marian worship

As we have already mentioned, a great many cathedrals were built in the space of one hundred and fifty years in all the north of France. Notre-Dame de Paris was the first of this wave of construction, soon followed by Strasbourg in 1176, Bourges in 1185, Chartres in 1194, Rouen in 1200, Reims in 1211, Amiens in 1220 and Beauvais in 1247, to which should be added Bayeux, Laon, The Thorn and Evreux. Now, if we connect all these cities by lines, we see that they draw the constellation of the Virgin. As we have already said about Chartres, this proves that the veneration of a child virgin probably had pre-Christian roots. All these sites are, indeed, ancient Celtic settlements, as evidenced by the presence of dolmens and places of worship at the arrival of the legions of Caesar, that is to say before the birth of Christ. But from whom did the builders of these places of worship hold their knowledge? The earliest written records of the Celtic cult of a virgin date from the 14th century, that is, from a time when cathedrals had already been built.


The sacred geometry of Gothic art

The order of the Templars was dissolved in the early fourteenth century by Philip the Fair and his followers were burned alive. With them, the Gothic style disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared some two hundred years earlier. Of course, Gothic churches continued to be built with high vaults and warheads, but these buildings became overcrowded. The sacred geometry had disappeared at the same time as its instigators. The secret knowledge of the Knights Templar is undoubtedly related to the Ark of the Covenant that Solomon had wanted to shelter in his temple. The Knights Templar, nine noble from France and Flanders, were rushed there for ten years to uncover its secrets. What power did this sacred geometry confer on men? What forces live in Gothic cathedrals, themselves built on sites loaded with energy? Gothic cathedrals awaken unexplored forces.