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Mu and Lemuria - The Lost Continents

Mu and Lemuria

Two other continents of controversial existence, together with Atlantis, aroused the attention of the public: Lemuria and Mu.

The path of Lemurs

Lemuria, according to the British zoologist Philip Sclater (1829-1913), connected centuries ago the island of Madagascar to India. This conclusion was imposed on Sclater because of the exclusive presence in these two regions of lemurs. Finding no trace of prosimian in other parts of East Africa or the Indian subcontinent, he concluded that there must have been a direct link between Madagascar and India in the past, which explained the unusual distribution of these animals.

But no archaeological excavation can attest to the existence of an additional continental plate, the theory of Sclater was quickly refuted in the early twentieth century. His observations, however, served to support the theory of tectonic plates.

This circumstance, however, did not prevent certain esoteric groups from seeing in Lemuria a new Atlantis and developing a whole cult around this so-called continent. But except to doubt the theory of tectonic plates, Lemuria can be classified in the field of legends.

Mu: At the origin of Egyptian civilization

Unlike Atlantis, Mu, the third continent to disappear, would have sunk in the Pacific. This is at least what was claimed by the British archaeologist James Churchward (1852-1936). In 1926, the latter described in his works a highly civilized country, destroyed by a volcanic eruption 50,000 years ago, at the same time as the continent where it had developed. But James Churchward was not the first to assert the existence of the continent Mu.

In 1864, the French abbot Charles-Étienne Brasseur de Bourbourg had already published his theories on this subject. He cited as his source his own translation of Codex Troano, the first part of the Codex Tro-Cortesianus, which is all that remains of a Mayan literature formerly more extensive. Some time after the publication of Brasseur, the French amateur photographer and archaeologist Auguste Le Plongeon went to the Mayan sites of the Yucatan peninsula to conduct excavations. He proposed a new translation of Codex Troano, influenced both by Brasseur and by his own interpretation of Chichen Itza's murals. The result was a suggestive description of life on Mu, which culminated in the flight of the princess of Mu before the disappearance of the continent. This princess then became the goddess Isis, founder of the Egyptian civilization, which explains, according to Le Plongeon, the similarities between the Egyptian writing and the Mayan writing. In his works, published in 1896, Le Plongeon claimed, moreover, that he had discovered a stone urn containing the bones of one of the princes of Mu.

... or simple translation error?

To write his translation of Codex Troano, Brasseur made use of the Landa alphabet, developed by the bishop of Yucatan, Diego de Landa. However, if we know exactly how he did this work, we know, on the other hand, that this alphabet does not allow reliable translation and that Brasseur did not, moreover, show extreme rigor. Although Mayan writing has not yet been completely deciphered, we can now say that Codex Troano deals with astrology and not with the disappearance of a continent.

The conclusions of Le Plongeon pass to specialists as perfect lucubrations. The assertion that Egyptian hieroglyphs are similar to Mayan writing is totally unfounded, no visible link could be established between the two writings. By his questionable conclusions and insufficient references, James Churchward is ultimately responsible for the failure of his theses.

Although the hypothesis of the extinct continent of Mu has proved indefensible, it nonetheless continues to gather followers.

Diego de Landa

Diego de Landa (1524-1579) was for nearly 30 years bishop of Yucatan. He arrived in Central America as a missionary to convert the Mayans to Christianity. His ruthless attitude was largely responsible for the destruction of the Mayans and their civilization. In his justifying writings, he then developed what was called the Landa alphabet, in order to allow the decipherment of Mayan writing. This alphabet proved to be unusable later, but some descriptions of Landa made it possible to better know the Maya civilization.