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Knights Templar - Guardians of the Secret

Knights Templar cross

The Knights Templar are one of the first and most famous Christian military orders, but also one of the most mysterious and hated. They are defined as: Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templar Solomonis, that is to say the "Poor Companions of Christ and Solomon's Temple". Created around 1118-1120, just a few years after the first crusade of 1096, the name of the Order is forever linked to that of the Holy Grail, to the treasure of King Solomon's Temple, to Freemasonry and to the figures of Mary Magdalene and Jesus.

Defend the Holy Land

Formalized by the papal bull Omne Datum Optimum of March 29, 1139, the Knights Templar's mission is to protect pilgrims from Europe and to repel Muslims as to defend the kingdom of Jerusalem. The Order acquires wealth and power over the years and becomes a real threat to both the Church and the King of France. All members are then hunted, persecuted and exterminated until the dissolution of the Knights Templar between 1312 and 1314. The first years of the Order remain mysterious since the few documents available are hardly eloquant on this subject. The tradition symbolically associated the templars with nine knights. Young nobles were privileged for the recruitment of the knights templar and had to obey by the rules of the Order as stated by founder Bernard de Clairvaux. They donated all their belongings to the templars and vowed for chastity, obedience and poverty.

Disturbing power

During their heyday, the Knights Templar occupy Europe as a whole. The European territory is then divided into seven large provinces and is governed by the Commanderies, the Preceptories and in major capitals, the Houses of the Temple. The support of Pope Innocent II, which grants the Templars an almost total independence of temporal power as well as the exemption of taxes allows this wide diffusion. Knights are accountable only to the pope and are entitled to levy tithes. The accumulated wealth allows them to build a large number of fortresses in the Holy Land and the templars quickly become the most powerful and disciplined army of the time. Having plenty of liquidity available to them in each of their seats, the Knights Templar begin to lend money to Spanish pilgrims en route to Jerusalem. The economic power of the Order is strengthened and it starts lending significant sums to several Western States, including France, which in a short time manages the entire State Fund. The economic and military power of the Templars begins to disturb and garners the aversion and jealousy of many sovereigns. Philip the Fair, King of France and wishing to cancel his debt, decides to steal the templar’s treasure and weaken the power of the Church at the same time.

Tragic end

Pretending a tax control, Philip the Fair secretly sends on September 14, 1307 the order to summon all knights to all Templar Commanderies. The trick works; the Templars are put under arrest and are seized all their property. The knights are accused of venerating the mysterious pagan divinity Baphomet and subjected to various tortures to make them confess non-existent faults.

Faced with these confessions of heresy, Pope Clement V extends the arrest warrant to the Knights Templar of all the territories of Christendom. Philip the Fair takes advantage of pope’s weakness of character in order to launch a number of lawsuits to prove the guilt of the representatives of the templars.

The beginning of a legend

The Order of the Knights Templar is officially dissolved by the papal bull Vox in excelso on April 3, 1312 and all the goods are given to the Knights Hospitallers. The last grand master of the templars, Jacques de Molay, is tortured until he confesses. The latter eventually crack but then retracts. On March 18, 1314, Jacques de Molay and Geoffroy de Charnay are condemned to burn at the stake at the cathedral of Paris, on the island of the Jews. A large number of knights manage to escape and avoid extermination and find refuge in Scotland and Portugal. The Order of the Templars becomes the Order of Christ. Philip the Fair won’t manage to get his hands on the Templars treasure which counts immense wealth as well as several secret documents. After the death of great master Jacques de Molay, the knights templar becomes a legend and the mystery begins to thicken. Scotland, at that time in war against the pope, is the ideal refuge for the last Templars, persecuted by the Church. Trying to leave France by sea, the knight’s fleet mysteriously disappears. France will later say that it was sunk, while others claim that the Knights Templar would have reached the Scottish coast and settled in Rosslyn.

Where is the Knights Templar treasure?

According to the Bible, Mount Moriah would serve as a hiding place for treasures and important documents in times of war. Jewish traditions claim that the temple's crypts, located at a secret location on the west side near the Holy of Holies, would hide a large number of legendary relics such as the ark of the covenant, the incense altar and possibly the Treasure of the Knights Templar.

Deadly Secret

Did the Knights Templar hold dangerous secrets to the power of the Church and European monarchies, or were they simply exterminated by a man whose greed and thirst for power had no limits, the King of France Philippe the Fair? Is the face of the holy shroud that of Jesus, or rather that of the last great master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay? These questions are among the legends surrounding the Knights Templar Order and remain unanswered.