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Sinking of the Titanic - A Premonition 14 Years in Advance


Elusive phenomena, more or less verified premonitions are counted by the thousands. Most are personal stories, but some relate to world-famous events and have been revealed in due time, that is, before the event takes place.

Very strange coincidences

The most famous of these premonitions is the subject of a short novel, the work of the American writer Morgan Robertson who, 14 years before the disaster, provides in detail the sinking of the Titanic. Born in 1861, Morgan Robertson, an author specializing in maritime histories, is unjustly forgotten today. Only one of his books, Futility (1898) - far from being the best he has written - assures him, however, even today, a certain posthumous fame. This short novel about the weakness of man against the forces of destiny tells the sinking of the "largest liner built by man", the Titan. It is disemboweled by an iceberg before sinking, with the majority of its passengers, because of the insufficient number of lifeboats. But the coincidences with the tragedy of Titanic do not stop there: the beam of concordances is indeed particularly striking. Here are some of them with, in parentheses, the equivalent facts relating to the tragedy of the Titanic: crossing in April (April 10, 1912), displacement of 70,000 tons (66,000), length 800 feet (882.5), three propellers (ditto), maximum speed of 24/25 knots (ditto), maximum capacity of approximately 3 000 passengers (idem), 2 000 passengers on board (2 230), 24 lifeboats (20), 19 watertight bulkheads (15 ), three machines (idem) and tearing the hull to starboard (idem). However, the novel Futility was written nine years before the construction of the Titanic, even before we think about its design, which obviously excludes any inspiration from real information.


Inspired by a spirit ...

Morgan Robertson claimed all his life that he was inspired by an "astral collaborator", to use his own words, that is to say, a spirit that guided him, inspired him in his literary works. This is the only answer he provides to explain these extraordinary coincidences between fiction and reality. Despite the reissue of his novel, he does not reap the fruits of his formidable premonition after the sinking of the Titanic. Readers prefer the sensational details of the investigation to a fiction yet marked with the seal of the strange.

... or showing a beautiful imagination?

There are many dramatic events that have been realized, a posteriori, that they have been described in works of fiction, whether science or politics-fiction.

Thus, after the attacks of September 11, 2001, it was thought to recognize in some novels of Tom Clancy adventures resembling what had just happened as some episodes of the film series Die Hard could be reminiscent of a "premonition" of the drama.

The conditions of a premonition

They are quite strict, because of the vagueness surrounding the phenomenon and can be summarized as: the dream or the presentiment, must have been related to one or more reliable witnesses before the event occurs. The interval between the dream and the event must be relatively short, since the possibility of an accidental bond increases with time. This condition, however, suffers from exceptions, as the case of the Titanic shows. The dream must seem improbable to its author or belong to an area that he does not, or badly, know. It must apply to a specific fact, and not take a general turn allowing, through symbolic interpretations, to apply them to very different events (as was done for the Prophecies of Nostradamus, for example). Finally, the details must agree, at least in the essential features, with those of the event.


The sinking of the Titanic

On April 10, 1912, the liner Titanic, of the English company White star, deemed unsinkable because of its system of bulkheads, leaves Southampton for its inaugural crossing to New York. Among its passengers, there are both emigrants living under the waterline, in third class, as well as the finest of the Anglo-Saxon financial aristocracy. During the night of April 14-15, when it is about 300 miles (about 550 km) southeast of Newfoundland, the Titanic hits an iceberg that tears the right flank of its hull on 90 meters. At 2:30 in the morning, the big ship disappears. Of the 2,230 embarked passengers, only 709 will be collected by Carpathia cargo ship who crossed nearby. The largest number of missing persons belongs to the 3rd class. Due to the quality of some of the victims, the riddles surrounding its sinking and the scale of the disaster, the Titanic enters directly into the black legend of the sea. It occupies a place comparable to that of the "flying Dutchman" in the pantheon of cursed ships. His wreck, long considered lost forever, was found in 1985, at 3 987 meters deep. Since then, an expedition managed in 1998 to recover a piece of the hull and various objects.