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Clairvoyance - The Gift of Foreseeing the Future


The term precognition is synonymous with clairvoyance, foresight and prediction of the future. In parapsychology, it is the ability to see and predict through extrasensory perception events that will occur in the future. Thousands of clairvoyants have been and are active, however remains the question of the credibility of their interpretations of horoscopes, hand lines, maps, tarots and other oracles. What guarantee do we have from this view of the future? What does this mean for humanity and its values?

The fear of death and the afterlife

Man has always been concerned about what awaits him after death. And if he yearns for hope and moments of happiness, the fear of death and the hereafter dwells in him. Oracles were individuals with special gifts to see in the future. It was for this reason that people came to consult them, asking them to reveal to them their secret knowledge of the future. Interest in this knowledge is not exclusive to ancient times. Indeed, the modern era seems to be even more passionate about the knowledge of the future. In the wake of the esoteric wave of recent years, the seers and mediums have not experienced such an influx since the Middle Ages. Gullible customers are not lacking, as 38% of the adult population is convinced that the future can be predicted. But what vision do clairvoyants have of the future?

The greatest clairvoyant of the last millennium, Nostradamus (1503-1566), published a series of truly astonishing predictions. He also announces the end of the world for the year when Easter will fall on April 25th. This case occurred in 1666, 1734, 1886 and 1943. The next occurrence is scheduled for the year 2038.

Precognition: a reality

It is still difficult to define the limit with other paranormal phenomena such as telepathy. But, after more than a century of research in parapsychology, scientists rely on proven cases of cognition, thousands of laboratory tests and experimental studies. The research here is not so much about individual cases, but relies on the assumption that everyone is able to guess the future.


Parapsychologist William Cox conducted a study on accidents and behavior of people. He compared the number of injured train passengers with the average number of passengers on the same routes over a further ten days. It appears that, on accident days, the train systematically carried considerably fewer passengers than the other days. Cox draws the conclusion that many people have had an unconscious presentiment and let themselves be guided by it.


This attachment of reading the future raises wide criticism, because if such a possibility were to be found, the totality of our knowledge and our religion would be questioned or would require an integral redefinition. Indeed, our societies live on the principle of freedom and responsibility of man. But if the future is already written and can be "read" by some people, these two concepts would then be just an illusion; and our life, a succession of predetermined events. Moreover, our conception of time and causality should also be completely revised and require the introduction of a new "physics" with radically different perspectives, in order to integrate precognition into our worldview.

Famous Clairvoyant

Ancient Greece had many clairvoyant, famous through myths: announcers of the divine will, they officiated on places of worship or within oracles, like that of Delphi. The best known are Teirésias, Amphiaros, Bakis, Kalchas, Mopsos, Epimenides and Amphilocos. Among the clairvoyantes, one can quote the Sybille, an itinerant priestess, originating from Asia Minor and predicting the misfortunes destined to fall on the cities and the people. A figure in Trojan history, Cassander had the vision of the destruction of the city and was punished for it.


The great clairvoyant of history

Michel de Nostre-Dame, known as Nostradamus, is the most famous clairvoyant of the last millennium and uttered prophecies until the year 3000. The quatrains of his prophecies, which seem to encompass world history, are written in Latin and in a coded language. So each generation gets new interpretations, which are surprisingly in tune with events ... Some of his major predictions were about the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, the attacks of September 11, 2001, current religious conflicts as well as climatic upheavals.

Stefan Ossowiecki (1877-1944)

His extraordinary gifts include psychometrics (visualization of people and events through objects), telekinesis (moving objects without body contact) and teleportation (ability to be in two places at the same time). In 1917, Ossowiecki was condemned to death by the Bolsheviks and managed to flee to Warsaw. During the Second World War, he greatly helped people find missing relatives. Ossowiecki will be assassinated in 1944 by the Gestapo.

Erick Jan Hanussen (1889-1933)

In the 1920s, he worked as an illusionist in a café-concert. As a clairvoyant, he advised film stars, politicians and bankers. He supported the Nazi party and promoted National Socialism. He would have been the personal clairvoyant of Adolf Hitler. His predictions of the Reichstag fire, the Nazi party's takeover and the Crystal Night have been proven. Denounced as a Jew, he was murdered by SA in 1933.


Margareta Meerstein, known as Madame Buchela (1899-1986)

She predicted to Soraya her marriage to the Shah of Iran, advised Adenauer on the issue of the repatriation of prisoners of war in Russia. Willy Brandt, Leonid Brezhnev and Ted Kennedy also consulted. She also announced the assassination of J. F. Kennedy, the Balkan war and the onset of AIDS. The "clairvoyant Bonn" received some eighty customers a day.