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Great Sphinx - A Monument That Defies Time

Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx is one of the most enigmatic monuments in the world, because we do not know what it represents or the mysteries that it contains. Egypt specialists date its construction to 2,500 BC, in the time of Pharaoh Chephren, although no irrefutable evidence confirms their hypothesis. At the time of its construction, its appearance was probably quite different from the actual one; its surface was smooth and perfectly carved in the rock.

How did it come to its present state? Recent studies have shown that the action of wind and sand alone could not have damaged the body of the monument and the moat around it. In addition, there is evidence that the Great Sphinx has been buried in the sand, protected from the wind for nearly 3,300 years.

According to geologists, vertical traces of erosion could only be attributed to centuries of rain, which were probably sometimes very strong, if not real floods. However, on the Giza plateau where it is located, these heavy rains stopped around 5000 BC, while the last flood occurred in 10 500 BC. 8,000 years ahead of the date of construction used by Egyptologists ...

Its mystery and its secrets

The Great Sphinx has a lion's body and a man's head, looking to the east. The head is small in relation to the body, which is all the more strange when one knows the almost obsessive attention of the Egyptians to proportions, as evidenced by other monuments of the Giza plateau. Since then, would the current head have been carved in a second time from the original one, as some claim? The answer may be inscribed in the mysteries of the firmament. According to astronomical calculations, in 10 500 BC, the sphinx was faced with the constellation of Leo rising east, just before the Sun, the day of the spring equinox. This coincides exactly with the date of the last great flood. Would that mean that the Great Sphinx was already built at the time?

Message from a distant past

These assumptions do not have the support of Egyptologists, because if we had to review the date of construction of the sphinx and other monuments of the Giza plateau, it would open the way to a very large number of questions. What was the message of these builders and especially: who were they?


Moreover, in a stela attributed to Thutmosis IV, which is called the Dream Stela, the representation of two sphinxes can be found: one looks east, the other west. According to recent theories, given the particularity of Egyptian pictorial techniques that seem very close to modern orthogonal projections, a second sphinx could be close to the first. But to date, research has still not yielded the expected results.

After so much effort, all that remains is to hope that the Great Sphinx - tired of seeing us struggling for centuries in vain attempts to unravel its mysteries - will one day decide to reveal them to us, spontaneously ...

The Dream Stela

The Stela was erected by Thutmosis IV, Pharaoh of the XVIIIth Dynasty. According to legend, one day when he had fallen asleep near the Great Sphinx, he dreamily received the mission to free it from the sands that had already engulfed him.

Date of the riddles

The date of 10 500 BC often recurs in the history of different sites on the planet. It is evoked not only for the Giza plateau, but also for the pre-Inca city of Tiahuanaco whose port pontoons were then found at Lake Titicaca, now 30 kilometers away. Moreover, Plato indicates this date as that of the engulfment of Atlantis. That said, if one must surely be wary of these sometimes fanciful assumptions, there must still be some truth.