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Angels - A Matter Of Faith ?


Angels (from the Greek word aggelos, which means "messenger") are beings sent to earth by God to accomplish certain missions. It usually involves transmitting messages to men or protecting them. In fact, many stories tell how angels intervened on the course of certain events to save men from death.

What does the Bible say?

The Bible says nothing about the creation of angels. As they intervene in Genesis as guardians of paradise, we can conclude that they pre-exist, with God, the creation of the world. However, the fact that they do not actively participate in it shows that they are not equals of God either. In general, the angels of the Bible have a rather passive role. Even though they affect the future of men by their words or deeds, they remain mere messengers.

The meeting with an angel can take the most diverse forms. While the prophets for the most part describe visions, these beings have sometimes materialized, as shown by the struggle of Jacob (Genesis 28). However, they do not have human form either: Isaiah describes the seraphim as beings with six wings: while two of them cover their faces and two others their feet, the last two are used to fly. According to him, seraphim are mixed beings, half man, half serpent.

There are several categories of angels in the Bible. From the sixth century AD, it was generally accepted that the different denominations corresponded to different categories, and a hierarchy was established in which each angel was assigned a specific function. This distribution has changed over time and differs slightly from one religion to another, especially in terms of the number of categories. In the Jewish and Christian religions, for example, there are nine choirs of angels that probably refer to the principle of Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, each with three choirs of angels. However, the higher angels are not all equal either: the seraphim are above the cherubim, which are themselves above the thrones. The archangels and protecting angels are at the bottom of the hierarchy, which allows them to be closer to men. But that does not mean that angels are above men. In the Bible, it is men who finally judge the angels.

The idea, moreover, that the angels accompany the soul of the deceased finds its origin in a story of Jesus. He tells that, in fact, after his death, poor Lazarus was carried by angels to Abraham's bosom, while the souls of the rich ended up in a tomb.

Finally, it is commonly said that Satan is a fallen angel, rejected by God for having risen against him. But this fact, like the hierarchy of angels, is not mentioned by the Bible.

Angels in art

Ancient angels are already found in ancient Egypt, the descriptions of which have much in common with those of the Bible, since they are mixed beings, composed of an animal's head and a body of man. In Greek mythology, the messenger god Hermes plays the role of angel. Like them, he has wings, according to descriptions, on his hair or his sandals. Later, in the Middle Ages, Christianity largely gave up representing angels, because it was thought then that they were made of light. Then, at the time of the Renaissance, this conception evolved and one first saw images of naked and winged young people who then became small chubby cherubs: the putti. From the eighteenth century, in romantic times, it is no longer possible to identify a unified representation of angels.

Encounters with angels

All over the world, regardless of their origin or religion, people say they have encountered angels or divine messengers.

These meetings are usually based on a situation of danger. The person concerned is sick or threatened with death and the appearance of the angel, in most cases, helps to ward off the danger.

Many motorists say, for example, that an unusual event once deterred them from taking a trip, so that they were able to avoid an accident that would have cost them their lives. The event in question may be a radio communication that has led the motorist to slow down or stop, but other people say they have seen on the roadside a silhouette that made them sign and then disappeared. In one case, the angel even sat in the front seat, next to the driver. Generally, the people concerned say they have not experienced any fear, despite the unusual nature of the situation.

Critically ill people or their loved ones are also likely to encounter angels. In general, the sick tell that these encounters took place as in a dream and that the angels suddenly appeared in space. Angels usually appear in the form of doctors or friends who disappear as soon as they are recognized as angels.

In some cases, angels appeared to someone to prevent misfortune or to console him. For example, some people say they were awakened by a nightmare, and then saw an angel by their bedside.

Most of the time these nightmares announced an event that actually happened, such as a plane crash or suicide attempt. Thanks to the angel, the knowledgeable person could intervene. In another disturbing case, a child recounts seeing two angels dreaming in his room, lifting something up, and reappearing through the ceiling. But the same night, one of his brothers and sisters died.

Angels and science

The study of angels, from a scientific point of view, is almost impossible. Indeed, in the appearances of angels, described silhouettes or people disappeared without a trace and there is generally no evidence of their presence. Some claim to have taken pictures of angels or good genies, but the authenticity of these photos is very controversial.

Very often, the clichés are not very revealing: either the photos are troubled, or we do not see anyone at the place where the angel is supposed to have stood, or even the photo looks too much like a reproduction of an artwork ...

From a scientific point of view, the apparitions of angels can not, however, be put on the same level as hallucinations, as it has been tried in the past. Indeed, people who say they have met angels usually report a particularly serious context, even threatening, which is never the case in hallucinations.

It is unlikely that the existence of angels can ever be scientifically demonstrated, angels being by nature immaterial, and one can not prove what is supernatural. The existence or non-existence of angels will therefore always remain a matter of faith.