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Power of Telekinesis ( Psychokinesis )

Can The Mind Move Objets ?

Telekinesis or Psychokinesis

In paranormal sciences, one of the strangest phenomena remains the power of telekinesis (psychokinesis). Some people have the ability to move, modify, or levitate objects through their mental strength and concentration. Although it is possible that this ability lies dormant in each of us, few are able to awaken this power of the human spirit.

Mysterious energy thanks to unknown energies

A person capable of telekinesis or psychokinesis (the two terms cover the same phenomenon) resorts to an energy still unknown. Researchers assume that those who master this mysterious faculty create a specific interaction between their own energy and that of the object to be moved. There is also macropsychokinesia, a phenomenon in which objects are subjected to visible deformation, as Uri Geller (a great mentalist) is said to have realized. To this category also belong the manifestations of poltergeists and ghosts. The modification of data transmissions (retropsychokinesis), the power to start fire by thought (pyrokinesis), the transformation of water into ice (cryokinesis) or the action on the wind (aerokinesis) are related expressions and phenomena.

Dice and other experiences

In 1934, a player addressed psi researcher Joseph Bank Rhine, claiming that he was able to influence the roll of the dice. Rhine then initiated a series of tests: the subjects had to roll dice and the scientist then established a statistical report. The people and groups he tested obtained results far beyond the established statistical reality. Therefore Rhine drew the conclusion that these people were able to influence the roll of the dice.


Other experiments were aimed at proving that people were able to divert drops of water by force of their mind. William E. Cox (then Rhine's assistant) and Dr. Werner F. Bonin studied the phenomenon and came up with surprising results. Bonin explained, however, that the true origin of the psychokinesic manifestations remained unknown and scientifically inexplicable. Also telekinesis is often associated with the field of poltergeists, because it is said that objects are then moved by a spectral hand.

Telekinesis in doubt

Since the 18th century, repeated psychokinesic experiments have aimed to provide scientific proof of these phenomena. The movement of chairs and glasses belongs to this field of observation. Certain results obtained nevertheless made it possible to clearly state that people are able to handle inert matter. At that time, paranormal or supernatural phenomena aroused wonder.

The philosophical movement of Enlightenment is the basis of this admiration. Indeed, this period was marked by the desire for a new definition of scientific, social and moral parameters, and to get rid of religious obscurantism and general ignorance. Unfortunately, the field of psychokinesis has been the subject of many deceptions, in the vein of conjuring numbers.

The existence of telekinesis is therefore the subject of controversy. Critics of parapsychology keep reminding us of the absence of authentic and repeatable evidence. They add that as the accuracy of measuring instruments increases, the distance over which objects move decreases.