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The Lost City
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The Book That Lit The Pyres
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Historic Reality ?
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A Kingdom Without Men
Ogre or Bluebeard ?
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Under the Influence of Secret Societies ?
Has He Existed ?
Assassinated By His Womens ?
Serial Killer of the Eighteenth Century ?
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A Premonition 14 Years in Advance
Premonitorial Signs Announced His Death ?
Apparitions Or Hallucinations ?
Where Is It ?

Illuminati - The Conspiracy Theory


The Illuminati was an intellectual movement of the eighteenth century founded in 1776 by the German rationalist and Freemason Adam Weishaupt. He would have taken the place of Washington, the murdered president of the United States. He told his fellow Illuminati: "Devote yourself to the art of dissimulation". The members of the Illuminati were all influenced by a mixture of rationalism, occultism, anti-Catholicism, secretism and Freemasonry. In 1784, the Illuminati Order already had 3,000 members across Europe.


Popularized by books like Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, the Illuminati would have worked behind the scenes of the French Revolution, Wellington's victory in Waterloo in 1815, and the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963. With a strict organization, as in the Jesuits, it has even been claimed that they replaced George Washington. Their goal would be to establish a world government, the New World Order. They adopted the Egyptian pyramid and the all seeing eye as symbols. The revolutions and politics would be orchestrated by the Illuminati, whose members would include Mozart, Jewish bankers and a series of world leaders, from Garibaldi and Lenin to contemporary heads of state. They would control the economy and the media, including the film industry. Killing anyone who opposes them, popes or presidents, would be part of their long-term program.

According to conspiracy theorists, the German writers Goethe and Schiller were Illuminati. The latter then turned against the order and was assassinated, according to a book of 1925. In addition, world leaders, like Queen Elizabeth II, would owe their position to the Illuminati whom eliminate the opposition, as with the assassination of President Kennedy. Conspiracy theories assert that the 1789 Declaration of Human Rights includes the pyramidal symbol of the Illuminati.

The New World Order

The conspirators argue that globalization will cause the arrival of authoritarian world government. Others see the New Order as the Apocalypse or the hour of judgment.


Some think that the New World Order conspires to control the world. Nation-states will be abolished by wars and by peoples led by propaganda and thought’s control. The New World Order would bring down the world population and reintroduce a feudal system: lords in power, peasants below. Genetic manipulation will ensure the servility of the peasants. This conspiracy is also linked to terrorist attacks on democratic institutions and religious ideas about the Second Coming, Antichrist and Armageddon. The end of the world has been planned in different ways (number of popes, Mayan calendar, prophecies, etc.). The New World Order would have origins in the United Nations, WHO and G8, but also the Bilderberg Group, created in 1954, an annual meeting of 100 to 150 people of influence.

The Great Seal of the United States has the Latin mention Novus ordo seclorum, "New Order of the Ages". The term New World Order describes the reconstruction after the two world wars and was used by Hitler's Third Reich. In 1940, H. G. Wells wrote The New World Order, a novel portraying a collectivist world state. After 1945, the communists were the architects; today, the enemies are the global capitalists and the state machine.