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Turin - Magical City


Turin, "magical" city, is considered, rightly or wrongly, as the historical center of the universe of the occult. Many of its places seem to have been the scene of esoteric events, and there are many witnesses to inexplicable phenomena and supernatural events in different parts of the city. But to better understand it, we must look at its history by returning to the time of its founding.

According to some, the founders of Turin would not have been the Romans, but the mysterious Pharaoh Horus, son of Isis, who would have built a temple for Apis, the sacred bull, precisely at the intersection of the river Po and the river Dora. Po and Dora play a central role in the life and history of the city; they would even have influenced their fate, according to some specialists in esotericism. Would this ancient Egyptian "imprint" explain the origin of a heritage of Egyptian antiquities so vast, that the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Turin is the largest in the world after that of Cairo?

Moreover, Turin seems to be at the crossroads of two very singular triangles: the first, that of white magic, links the city to Prague and Lyons; the second, that of black magic, puts her in touch with London and San Francisco. Geometry and geography come together in a sort of vast esoteric network. The Roman plans of the city place the four gates of the city facing the four cardinal points, and the set coincides with the 45th parallel, whose landmark is the obelisk erected on the Statuto square.


Mystery sites

Place Statuto: magical site par excellence and home "black" of the city, this place has a sinister reputation. It would be above a Roman necropolis and, as if that were not enough, it was for centuries the place of execution for capital punishment. Moreover, Turin also has several strongly positive "white" homes, including the Triton fountain, in the Royal Gardens of Castello Square, and the Dome, of course, where the holy shroud is kept.

Another highly positive place, the church of the Great-Mother-of-God would translate a force so benevolent that the statues placed at its entry would contain, according to the belief, the creature of the Grail. Which, of course, would be located in Turin itself, which would form, with the holy shroud, a positive axis that would protect the city.

But it is not only on the surface that esoterism rages in Turin. The city center is indeed riddled with natural and artificial underground galleries, which, since antiquity, are witnesses to magic rituals and other secret practices, known as "alchemical caves".

Turin above and below the ground

To know the esoteric face of Turin, we must study the different levels. There would indeed be no less than twelve entrances to the three main caves, knowing that half of them would be misleading to the uninitiated. On the other hand, going up to the surface, certain buildings and monuments of the city would serve to diffuse the energy coming from mysterious earth currents, acting like gigantic antennas. In short, each vital point of Turin seems to play a precise role in a mysterious and complex esoteric schema.


Could it be because of this, or to grasp the deeper meaning, that alchemists of the fame of Paracelsus and Fulcanelli, just like the Count of Cagliostro and Nostradamus, the philosopher Frederick Nietzsche, the immortal Count of St. Germain or the great sensitive Gustav Rol, would have all chosen Turin for place of residence.

Laser for an enigma

When the imagination joins technology, the result can be surprising. Indeed, after having noticed that five buildings of Turin (the basilica of Superga, the castles of Rivoli and Moncalieri, the Stupinigi and Venaria palaces) formed a star when united with each other on the plan of the city, an Austrian architect had the idea to install a laser beam at the top of each. The crossing of the rays in the sky would form a gigantic five-pointed star, a highly esoteric symbol.