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Ayers Rock - Uluru Monolith


Uluru: this is the name that the Aborigines, and especially the Anangus, give to this red rock which is their largest sanctuary. According to legend, Uluru was created in "Dream Time" by two young people who were playing in the mud after a storm. But who were these mythical beings who peopled the monolith?

Uluru, "abode of ancestors" and aboriginal sanctuary

In 1873, engineer William Gosse who was exploring the northern part of Australia was the first white to discover this gigantic monolith. He christened it after the then Australian prime minister, Henry Ayers, who had financed the expedition. What began with the discovery of this continent, namely, the extermination and expulsion of indigenous peoples and the destruction of their sacred places, only worsened. The settlers made the living conditions of the Aborigines so difficult that they are now only 50,000 on the Australian territory.

Uluru, in the language of the Anangus, means the "home of the ancestors". Although Uluru is a sacred place for Aborigines, hundreds of tourists climb it daily; some caves decorated with graffiti - attesting to a human presence more than 20 000 years ago - are however prohibited to the public.

Crossroads of the paths of dreams

Ayers Rock is the second largest monolith in the world. It consists of sedimentary rocks, and more precisely, sandstone. It has a circumference of 9.4 kilometers, a width of 2.4 kilometers and a length of 3.6 kilometers. With a height of 348 meters, it occupies a surface of 3.3 square kilometers. It is estimated to be 600 million years old. Erosion of course has gnawed its surface, but so uniformly that the rock still retains its original shape. Each of its folds, its projections, or its eminences, however small, have a particular significance for the Aborigines. Moisture patches, for example, on its flanks would be blood stains of venomous snake-men, beaten in a famous Dream Time fight.

Each cavity, at the base of the Uluru, has a significance for the Aborigines to which a certain ritual is associated. Many of them are endowed with drawings, some of which date back more than 3,000 years. But no one has yet been able to decipher these representations that symbolize events of the Dream Time. This era encompasses both the story of the genesis of the world and the myths of the Aborigines, which are transmitted only orally. Aborigines, as well as their secret rites and traditions, are now threatened with extinction.

The revenge of the spirits

Regularly, enthusiastic visitors report that a magical energy field surrounds Uluru. It is also said that spirits take revenge on white intruders, which explains the countless falls or injuries they suffer. A woman, it is said, was thus threatened with death for approaching a place considered taboo for women. But the most famous case is that of the baby Azaria. A couple, the Chamberlain, lost on the rock their two-month-old child. They told the authorities that the child had been kidnapped and devoured by dingoes, but Lindy Chamberlain was charged with infanticide and sentenced to life imprisonment. Six years later, in a place peopled with dingoes, the baby's bloody vest was discovered. Lindy Chamberlain was then acquitted, but this discovery rekindled the idea that the baby was dead due to the presence of Dream Time animal totems in the vicinity and that this was therefore a revenge of the spirits against the intruder.