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Déjà Vu - The Feeling of Already Seen


In psychology, the phenomenon of déjà vu describes an illusion of remembrance, by which a new situation is felt to have already been lived. Psychology often classifies this manifestation among psychotic or neurotic disorders. But the esoteric sphere believes in the migration of souls and considers past lives as the explanation for these déjà vu phenomena.

Lives end here to flourish elsewhere


The déjà vu is the strange sensation of having already experienced a situation, visited a place or met a person. The expression is the fact of the French philosopher and linguist Émile Boirac (1851-1917) who used it for the first time in one of his novels. This notion is oriented towards the past, but has more to do with the present.

We often ask questions like: Have I seen this movie before? Have not I come to this city before? Do not I feel like I already know this person? Parapsychology explains such phenomena as a return to buried memories, thus to past lives, but also concedes manifestations of clairvoyance. In esoteric belief, the existence of a being is composed of all its incarnations in lives each time new and where new speakers come to mingle. Thus, some say that when a small child dies without reason, it is because he did not feel well in the circle he had chosen. Lives go to flourish elsewhere.

The migration of souls: explanation of déjà vu ?

Sometimes we meet someone who seems familiar to us, although we do not know anything about her. Can it be a person encountered in a previous life? According to some parapsychologists, people with a particularly fine perception would have the ability to identify many of the speakers of the lives of yesteryear, even going so far as to consider them as their true family. Thus, people with a mediumistic predisposition look for places where they have already lived to find traces of themselves, in another form. In different body envelopes, others would meet the original forces of their souls. But parapsychologists always question how a person would know when and where they have ever lived.


The esotericists believe that, in principle, everyone "knows" things. For them, all these memories are stored in our subconscious and it is possible to access them through regressive meditation. This technique would allow the visualiszation of past lives as a film that unfolds, but the experience would sometimes be associated with anxiety. From this point of view, deja vu is nothing more than a phenomenon linked to reliving certain events of our past lives.

Three psychological explanations

Psychology considers this phenomenon as a pathological manifestation and proposes three possibilities: (a) An emotional state has not yet been overcome and the reorientation or the identification in the new situation is not carried out immediately because of a psychic failure. This is why there is a transfer from one to the other. (b) A perceived situation triggers associations with repressed memories. The subject does not want to remember, but can not help it. (c) An illusion of knowledge occurs, in other words, the subject considers a situation perceived as an earlier event although it never took place; only the mind produces this vision.