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Time Travel - Are Black Holes Time Breaches?

Time Travel

History regularly reports cases of people suddenly disappearing to reappear elsewhere. Different researchers evoke coexisting temporal dimensions. They explain that the past, present, and future are parallel to one another, and through holes in this space-time continuum, it would be possible to move forward and backward in different places and at different times. Are there time-controlled leaps? And is the dream of H. G. Wells' time machine a reality?

Time travel

Will it ever be possible to undertake time travel through black holes? The answer to this question is simple: traveling back in time is easy and men has been practicing it forever, but, unfortunately, only in one direction. For thousands of years, philosophers have evoked the temporal continuum, which can be compared to a river. The problem lies in the fact that men wants to swim against the current or move one step ahead. This representation naturally opens fascinating perspectives. Maybe, for some extraterrestrial civilizations, insurmountable distances and distant planets do not pose problems anymore. Perhaps for them, the notions of time and space are only relative and the limits never clearly defined. Who can predict if men will soon have the opportunity to travel back in time to see how its ancestors lived? The scientific world knows some places where there are representations illustrating entities equipped with instruments that no one could know at the time. Many researchers think that these are representations illustrating the visit of extraterrestrials. It may also well be time travelers who, from a current point of view, travel in the past to observe the lifestyles of the first men.

Three cases of time travel

The Manila soldier

In 1593, soldiers from Mexico City identified a new colleague at the guard post, who wore a totally different uniform from the ones they themselves wear. Asked what he is doing here, he responds that he obeys orders and watches over the governor of Manila. He has certainly noticed that he is not in the palace that he knows, but orders being orders, he does his duty. Manila is some 18,000 kilometers from Mexico City.


The man is then treated as a mental imbalance and is thrown into prison. Two months later, the news arrives in Mexico: the governor of Manila was the victim of an attack on the night of the appearance of the mysterious soldier. The latter was searched in vain in all Manila, because he had suddenly disappeared without a trace and was suspected of being in connection with the attack. Since the latter spoke Spanish, there was no communication problem, although for the Mexicans, the soldier spoke with a strange accent.

The diplomat Benjamin Bathurst

In 1809, Benjamin Bathurst left Vienna for London as part of a major diplomatic mission. During a pause on the way, he disappears in an instant, while he is just behind the coach. He is never seen again. The Anglas accused the French of having kidnapped him, but they swore they had nothing to do with it. Mr. Bathurst remained forever gone.

Judge August Peck

In September 1880, Judge August Peck de Gallatin of Montana, United States, visited his friend David Lang. Several witnesses claim to have seen him cross a field and then disappear suddenly, without leaving a trace. People thought he had fallen into a hole. But neither they nor the police nor the firemen managed to find any trace of the judge. And until today, the case of August Peck remains a real mystery.


Twelve regions where time jumps have been seen

In the course of his parapsychological research, English author Ivan T. Sanderson (1911-1973) discovered a total of twelve sites known to have been the scene of time jumps and sudden and total disappearances of people. Ten of these areas are on the 30th and 73rd degrees of longitude. One of these sites is in the Tuareg zone of the Sahara. According to nomads of the desert, this place is called the "land of the dunes from which one never returns". Since immemorial times, they recommend to foreigners not to venture there. They would get lost and never come back. These were and still are the warnings. Researchers know that at this point, compasses lose their effectiveness because magnetic inconsistencies have been discovered.

From his study, Sanderson developed a theory that, in some parts of the planet, men could emerge or disappear to other dimensions. This phenomenon is called "black hole", although it has nothing to do with the same term used in astronomy. Since Einstein, researchers no longer consider three-dimensional time and space separated from each other. They see them more as two aspects of a four-dimensional "space-time". In quantum research, physicists even assume that time can move forward and backward. Science will then still have the mission to bring the proofs of these mysterious phenomena and to reflect on the question of whether time travel will one day be a reality.

Black holes

The German physicist Karl Schwarzschild (1873-1916) invented the term black hole to describe the final stage of evolution of a star. Stars collapse as a result of gravity when the nuclear processes within them goes out. A gravitational collapse then occurs. Other very high mass stars shrink to a minimum diameter, effectively reaching extreme density. White dwarves are then formed. Thus appears a new space-time continuum, from which neither matter nor light can escape. The gravitation within the black hole is so important that it distorts any space-time structure into a singularity, that is, an annular shape in space-time while the hole in the center allows access to other places and other times. Black holes are always born from stars with very strong mass. Physicists speak of a minimum value of five solar masses. Apart from stellar black holes, we also suspect the existence of original black holes, from the early days of the Universe, such as huge black holes of extremely high mass displaying several million solar masses, and that scientists assume in the center of galaxies. However, there is still no certainty about them. A star implodes in the strict sense of the term, and time and space take on new dimensions within the black hole. Gravity and speed can distort the weather. Austrian mathematician Kurt Gödel (1906-1978) was convinced of the possibility of digging tunnels through time if one could distort it sufficiently. Until the discovery of black holes, no one had any idea how to achieve it. From a purely theoretical point of view, it seems that science has made progress in this direction.